NYCC was explosive!

The weekend was a blast! I met so many great people at the convention, so many great artist. First I want to thank everyone who supported my work by buying prints and the Lolo’s Art Ride book, thankyouthankyouthankyou. Second let me thank Paola of Dainty Creations. She was extremely helpful hosting my booth with me most of the weekend. She creates some of the crafts in my store, check ‘em.

Also, I want to thank the awesome neighbors surrounding my booth at the con. So many stellar artists in Ben Harvey, Brian Shearer, Ron “D-╥” Wimberly, Lazymills, Julian Lytle, Ryu Black and Micah Blacklight. One most important highlight was meeting and talking to Kei Acedera and Bobby Chiu of Imaginism Studio. These folks have been such a huge inspiration for me for years now and to meet and speak with them was a great honor. Thank you! It was great and transformative and can’t wait for another opportunity to do it again.

Enjoy some snap shots of the event!

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