Ponte Sensato

Listen to this song and tell me that it doesn’t make you just dance, I dare you. That voice you hear there is my dear cousin, Chris Hierro, from Los Gambinos. One most impressive singer/song writer that dabbles in oh so many genres of music, it’s amazing. When given the chance to work with Sensato, a Dominican rapper who is hitting the scene hard by Pitbull’s side, he chose to present an unexpected classic urban salsa song in “Ponte Sensato”. Pitbull’s protege loves the song so much that it is being released in his new album, “We Ain’t Even Supposed 2 B Here”, as the first single. It’ll definitely make for one hot summer track. Actually, play “Ponte Sensato” and you tell me through twitter @LolosArt what you think.

Thanks to Chris I got to make some fun art for the single. To match the vibe of the song I made sure to give them that 70′s gansta swag.

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