Daily Spitpaint

I recently discovered this group on facebook and it has been like a shot of adrenaline to my life. You’ll find so many artist of high skill level and masters of the craft creating and posting some wonderful pieces on a daily basis. It’s like a school in some ways that is free for anyone of any experience level to join. It’s got 27,580 members and growing fast. Since I joined in early January the group has grown by like 5,000 members.

The way it works is each day you’ll find 4 new topics posted on their page and you only have 30 minutes to complete the piece. Now, no one is going to come around giving you trouble to prove it, but it’s a simple test of self accomplishment that requires a sense of honor and shamelessness to be a part of. This is why it has attracted so many awesome artist. Speed-painting is synonymous with skill and It definitely takes a lot of skill to do what some of these guys are doing in 30 minutes.

Find me on Facebook.com/LolosArt to see what I’ll be posting next.

Here are my first 6 Daily Spitpaints:

Future TrainPlane refuelingSpace FreighterUFO fly bypurple dragon

Dragon rider


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