“Art can communicate many things, but when strength, determination, beauty, and purpose are the theme I become truly inspired and create my best work. I truly enjoy telling these stories.”

Manuel Guzman_

is an illustrator born and raised in New York where he still lives with his wife and two sons. Among other things, his career as an artist has lead him to work on film and in print. In Search of Sacha is his first work of literature to be authored and published in storybook form. He began work on In Search of Sacha as a student in 2006, but due to the vagaries of life, the project was delayed and work sporadic for the next 13 years. With a new found vigor and conviction to complete this passion project, Manuel tried his hand at crowdfunding the storybook project in 2019 and was met with overwhelming and humbling success. With the aid of over 200 backers he was able to dedicate the needed time and energy to complete such a monumental work. He hopes his book is well received and to continue a career as an author and illustrator of many more storybooks.

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