In Search of Sacha ebook


A fully painted 80 page fantasy storybook about loving parents searching for their son in a dark forest. They are Elysia and Amar, guardians of the mountains and of Sacha. They contain a pure light within them which they have passed on to their son and can only hope it will protect him during his coming of age trials.

In Search of Sacha is written and designed for all ages. Young adults as well as children and parents will find something to love from this ethereal fairy tale.

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Amar and Elysia, bearers of a holy light, guard the mountains in these sacred woods. They are also the parents of Sacha, a boy who finds himself in turmoil from heartbreak. In his sorrow, Sacha plunges deep into the forest where only the darkest spirits dwell, protected only by the light he shares with his parents. But will it be enough to counter the cursed darkness that lurks in these woods, and the harsh mistress who rules over it?

Join Amar, Elysia, and Sacha in an unforgettable journey through an enchanted world of danger and discovery as they learn the true meaning of honor and family.


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