In Search of Sacha


A fully painted storybook about loving parents searching for their son in a dark forest. In Search of Sacha is written and designed for all ages. Young adults as well as children and parents will find something to love from this ethereal fairy tale.


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Amar and Elysia, bearers of a holy light, guard the mountains in these sacred woods. They are also the parents of Sacha, a boy who finds himself in turmoil from heartbreak. In his sorrow, Sacha plunges deep into the forest where only the darkest spirits dwell, protected only by the light he shares with his parents. But will it be enough to counter the cursed darkness that lurks in these woods, and the harsh mistress who rules over it?

Join Amar, Elysia, and Sacha in an unforgettable journey through an enchanted world of danger and discovery as they learn the true meaning of honor and family.

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80 pages



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Spot Gloss, Silver Foil Stamping and Anti-Scratch Matte Lamination used on cover

5 reviews for In Search of Sacha

  1. Kate

    Got the book and it was great, thank you and congratulations!

    PS: Your website is amazing, well done! ✌️

  2. William

    absolute masterpiece, really touching, and I’m thrilled to have it in my collection

  3. Hal

    I got the book last week, and I took my time carefully reading it and appreciating the art. This is a moving story, by itself. A story of a lost son and his parents’ struggle to bring him back from danger. Also a story of the struggle of a young boy to grow and overcome his own challenges. I can’t help but think of the many parallels I can draw between this tale and personal experiences I have had. I already love this book. I believe the message is one of power and purity. Love and strength. There is a reminder in this book, that we are each capable of more than we think. Thank you for bringing this beautiful book to fruition. I will read this again and again, and I hope to share it with my children when they are older.

  4. Samuli

    Very glad to get a book that is equally beautiful with the message it brings as it is with its art. In an age where the core family is demonized and parenthood seems to be forgotten,more stories such as these are great to see. Struggle is what makes people grow into something more. ISOS perfectly encapsulates this message. I will be glad to share this book with my own children some day. Very prompt delivery and well-packaged as well. Looking forward to what comes next from you.

  5. Alex A.

    Mr. Guzman has truly created a storybook for the ages. Lavish illustrations, an ethereal story, and a positive message of hope and family. Have I mentioned that art? Utterly stunning and it truly brings the tale of Amar, Elysia, and Sacha alive. I can’t wait for more–a sequel perhaps?

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